Justin Bieber Out At Dawn And Meet Fans In The Garage For A Hotel In New York

Justin Bieber Meet Fans In New York 1

Justin Bieber surprised some fans in New York, when he took the initiative to go out to meet some who were waiting for a moment with idol so knew he was back in town.

The safety of the singer advised the fans did not fuss and remain calm so that it could come down and meet everyone, fans followed the rules and were about to have an amazing time with the idol. Minutes later, Justin appeared very friendly and posed alongside the photos with each of them.

“He appeared very happy and said, ‘I have no piece of pizza in my face, do I?’ He hugged me, thanked me for coming and said he loved me! I told him that I play hockey and his music inspires me every day and he turned and gave me the biggest smile in the world ” , commented (@sydlevyJB) on her Twitter, and even revealed that the singer has put one of its new songs for the fans to hear, “Justin played his new music for the Beliebers, when he went to the garage. It sounded so wonderfully amazing ” .

“All who were there know what is the song I’m talking about, so Justin must immediately release this po * ra. That song sounded great, it was amazing. The meeting with Justin was amazing and he is very affectionate. He was like, ‘Are you sure you do not have pizza in my face?’ and I said, ‘You look great, love’ and he said, ‘Thank you love,’ ” he added (@ rogueangelina).

Another fan, who met Justin several times in the city still shared the thrill of rediscovering it and how proud of Justin, “Best Idol world. I just met Justin again and it’s always good to see you brother, wanted to spend the whole time with him ” , said (@MarkelMalcolm).

Check out the photos of the moment shared by fans on their social networks:

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