What Happens If Justin Bieber Caught You Sleeping!

Justin Caught You Sleeping

Before leaving New York, Justin Bieber caught a moment that became a viral photo published by the same in his account in the app Instagram and Twitter. In the picture, a man was caught off guard by Canadian star, who is also known by fans for his penchant for ‘transgenes’ and find the man sleeping in the hotel and he was staying in hall, Justin did not miss the chance to record the scene and close its passage through the city in a comic mood.

When the photo was published, thousands of fans have wondered who the man and how he felt about the exposure of his time sleeping, but Jeff Ostler revealed in an interview with KSL that had fun with the photo that gave him fame in social networks.

A Utah man received an unexpected attention of a superstar, while in New York. Jeff Ostler was waiting for his sister in a chair in a hotel in New York, when he decided to take a quick nap. When he opened his eyes, some people were in front of him.

They were kind of laughing. I could tell they were up to something” , Ostler said. “I thought I had taken a picture. Thought I could have opened his mouth or something.”

Before he could say anything, the group had escaped out of sight.

“It was okay, so I said, ‘Oh, that was Justin Bieber'” recalled Ostler.

Bieber posted the photo on his Instagram and Twitter accounts to their millions of followers to see. This immediately became viral.

“Fifteen minutes later, I received a call from my son in Utah,” Ostler smiled. “And he said, ‘Hey Dad, how are you feeling? Are you tired How was your nap in the chair?'” .

“A girl in her school had sent a message to him and wrote: ‘Is this your father?'” .

Since the Canadian singer posted the photo of Ostler has received over one million ‘likes’ on Instagram, more than 50,000 tags of favorites and over 44,000 retweets on Twitter.

Ostler can now join the list with Floyd Mayweather, Selena Gomez, Kevin Durant and a host of other celebrities whose faces appeared in the profile Instagram singer’s “Never Say Never” .“It’s crazy, it’s fun. Children love” , Ostler laughed.

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