Video: Canadian Actress, Ellen Page Admits She Dreamed Of Justin Bieber


The Canadian actress, Ellen Page was interviewed in the program Conan and during the conversation the presenter showed a photo edited with the actress on a ‘version Justin Bieber ‘. The photo was from  Ellen Page 27, when she was 17 or 18 years old. “That’s pretty impressive, really,” said Conan O’Brien on the photo of the ‘look-alikes’ and soon after, Ellen admitted that Bieber ever dreamed of. Check out the video from the time 1:59 :
Although the actress has never met Bieber, she admitted that the hunk dreams of 20 years. “We were at his childhood home in Canada, outside, and his mother returned home with Ikea meatballs” she said, remembering her dream. “We then said, ‘That’s it!’ We were very happy. We were like, ‘Yes, these are our favorite! ”

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