Paris Hilton Jumps On The Lap Of Justin Bieber Party In Cannes And Leave The Club Together

Paris Hilton Jumps On The Lap Of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was at the nightclub Gotha Club in Cannes, France, where he honored the birthday party Busta Rhymes, ENews reporting facts about the lives of celebrities, published in a recent issue which included details about the passage of the star of 20 years by the site and has highlighted the fact that the singer have fun and left the party in the company of socialite Paris Hilton .

Paris Hilton is officially a cougar! The hotel heiress was spotted partying in Cannes last night, at the birthday party of Busta Rhymes at Gotha Nightclub with Justin Bieber .

Hilton did not let the age difference (she’s 33, he’s 20 years old) get in the way of some playful warmth with Bieber was shirtless, she jumped on his lap while he was sitting. We wonder what the latest boyfriend of Hilton, the model 22 years old, River Viiperi , will think about it.

Before Bieber and Hilton left the club together (it’s too early to call them “Jaris”?) With an entourage around them, Bieber took the microphone to wish Rhymes a “happy birthday”.

In a time of celebration, Bieber was playing ice in the crowd” , said a source.

Bieber appeared in southern France in the early evening, when he made ​​a surprise appearance at the party of Vanity Fair and Armani at Hotel Du Cap

He was with two guys” , a source reported. “People were a little surprised to see it, because it was like, ‘What’s he doing here?’.”

A source confirms that Jennifer Lawrence wanted to meet him, but when he did, the Oscar winner refused to take a picture with Bieber because she just wanted it to be “normal” when the knew.

Bieber was at the party for about an hour before leaving.

Adrian Grenier was also seen chatting with Bieber. The Entourage star said earlier today at the tenth birthday party with Relativity Variety , he met the singer several times before by Pencils of Promise , a non-profit headed by Scooter Braun‘s brother, Adam Braun.

When asked if he was surprised to see Bieber at the party, Grenier shrugged and said, “Is Cannes, why not.”Paris Hilton Justin Bieber Leave Club TogetherSEE ALSO: Justin Bieber Moments That Made 2013 The ‘Believe’ Year