Video: Justin Bieber Attends Ghota Club With Brazilian Model Adriana Lima And Rick Ross In Cannes

Justin Bieber Attends Ghota Club In Cannes 1

While spending some time in Cannes, France, Justin Bieber has been spotted several times at the Gotha Club , one of the spaces that are part of the circuit the Cannes Festival in 2014 and the singer was the third time on site together with some friends, including Ryan Butler , and took the stage side of the rapper Rick Ross during the performance of it, stirring the crowd. On arrival at GOTHA club , Justin was photographed with his entourage and the Brazilian model, Adriana Lima, who hours later was also photographed next Justin inside the nightclub.

Justin Bieber Adriana LimaBesides singing and shake the public side of the Ross, Justin also likes to party and after his performance, the singer took off his shirt and went down to the dance floor, mingling among the crowd and enjoying the night. Check out these and more photos in HQ of Bieber dance floor GOTHA club by clicking the thumbnails below:

Other artists such as singer Akon, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and model Bahia, Adriana Lima, were also present at the event, and one of the videos, the singer appears right behind Adriana. Check out the various moments in the players below:

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