Billboard: For The Fourth Consecutive Year, Justin Bieber Wins The ‘Top Social Artist’ In 2014

justin bieber billboard top social artist

The traditional awards, Billboard Music Awards 2014 took place in Las Vegas, and despite having been invited to the event, Justin Bieber did not appear the same as it is in Cannes, France.

The singer was nominated for ‘Top Social Artist’ and won the award for the fourth consecutive year. The star does not have a presence at awards shows for some time, but still named in several categories and has the support of the fans to get the win in most of them, but this time.

Justin, who occupies the #1 spot 10 consecutive weeks on the list Billboard Social 50, only reasserted its power in social media to be consecrated again with this well-deserved award.

The team congratulates JB Music for this achievement!

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