‘Some People Just Want To Criticize’ Justin Bieber On The Comments Of Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber Seth Rogen

It is not today that actor Seth Rogen expresses his opinion about Justin Bieber, the comments are always the same negative and have made ​​headlines around the world. This time, in an interview with Howard Stern , the 32 year old actor spared no words to explain why he does not like Bieber.

About the time he met Justin in person, the actor said, “He is a good example of a person you know, you think you’re going to hate, and then going to hate the exact same way you thought,” he said. “Are know him, and he fulfills all his [bad] expectations of how you think it will. ”

Rogen said that the first time the two met was during a participation in a program in Germany. The team Bieber was backstage and comedian asked if he could come out and give ‘hi’ to the singer. “Come out and he was acting as if I had asked to meet him! was very indifferent. was like, ‘What is?. not want to know you! Ia get a good no see! ‘” he said, before saying that Bieber did not show even a little animated in conversation.

“I would not say anything, but I thought, like, ‘Hey, he’s a son of a bit * ta. He’s young. This kid is a jerk” he added.

The second meeting took place at the MTV Awards. “talked to him for five minutes … without humility, a su*ker, clueless. I remember only find it a sh*t even ” finished.

In response to the new offenses Rogen, Justin said the tweet from a fan who was unhappy with the criticism of the comic about Justin. Check out the tweet from the singer’s fan and comment:

Fan: I think Seth Rogan a hilarious actor, but seriously, what are all these rude comments he is making about Justin? His laugh is uglier than your attitude.

Justin : @belieberbabes some people just want to criticize people who do not know. That’s how it is.