‘He Never Touched Her, Never Pushed’ Accusation Of Assault Against Justin Bieber Is Belied

Justin Bieber Accusation Of Assault

TMZ reported concerning the complaint of “attempted assault” that a woman served against Justin Bieber, interviewed an employee of Sherman Oaks Castle Park, where the incident happened and according to the same reports, the woman accusations are totally unfounded, since Justin “never touched or tried to grab the phone from the alleged ‘victim'” .

After the release of this statement, Justin blurted in his account on the microblogging site Twitter  and read in full. Check out the the video with the account of the employee.

The house fell for the woman who accused Justin Bieber attempted robbery – an employee of the batting cage in Los Angeles, where the incident occurred told TMZ that Bieber never tried to steal anyone … And he has not even touched the woman .

The clerk of the Sherman Oaks Castle Park was the guest of “TMZ Live” and claimed that she witnessed the heated discussion last night between Bieber and the woman who was taking pictures of him.

The official said the woman was definitely the culprit, being overly aggressive and ignoring the orders of security to stop taking pictures. She said that Bieber was upset, but in no way never came into physical contact with the woman … and definitely it did not try to get her phone number.

Sources close to Bieber told TMZ that the singer lost his temper because the camera flash was distracting letting him while he was trying to rebut.

The official said the video surveillance would confirm – but it is unlikely that the security cameras have recorded what happened … The incident was far from the cameras.

Check out the video with the account of the employee:

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