Justin Bieber: “All That I Take A Picture Automatically Become My Girlfriend”, Denied Yovanna Dating Rumors

justin bieber girlfriend rumors

The personal life of Justin Bieber is widely covered by the media, whether they are facts or rumors, and his love life is always a focus of curiosity and speculation both the press and by many fans. Every time the singer poses with some girl in the photos, whether in the studio or informally, various rumors and speculation about the same level of affinity with the person in question is put into discussion.

On account of his recent appearances with the model Yovanna Ventura (18), Justin updated his account in the application Instagram relaxed way of venting about the speculation every time he is in a picture with a female person and posted a picture of his daughter next to his friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, commenting on it in the legend and declaring jokingly that his only girlfriend is Iyanna Mayweather , who is 13.

“I think all that I take a picture automatically become my girlfriend This is my only girlfriend @moneyyaya:. P. .. I had fun in the short fight, see you soon!”

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