‘I Still Love His Movies’ Justin Bieber Apologizes To Respond To Comments Of Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber and Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber responded publicly to the actor Seth Rogen, who has been making offensive and negative comments against the Canadian singer, among them, call Justin the “sh * t” , “son of a * ta ” and claiming that the singer has not “humility” . Check out the tweet from Justin:

Seth Rogan sorry I did not bow down when i asked u 2 meet was probably a bit shy and did not want to be over the top but still. love ur movies.

Bieber was referring to the memory of meeting with Rogen on a German talk show. The apology of Justin for his shyness, came after more offensive comments from the actor. In an interview with “Today Show” , Rogen said, “For me, the idea that a grown man does not like Justin Bieber is not a strange thought. It would be very strange if I acted as if he liked Justin Bieber. ”

Referring to the people in the studio of the “Today Show,” Rogen said with a laugh, “No person in this room like Justin Bieber, I can guarantee you that. I do not know anybody who likes Justin Bieber,” said Rogen.

Scooter Braun, manager and friend of the singer commented on the attitude of Justin to apologize, even with the offenses of Rogen:

@justinbieber some people throw stones and you returned it with love and class. Well done. Proud of u.

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