‘I Would Work With Him Again’ Diane Warren Defends And Praises Justin Bieber

Diane Warren Justin Bieber

The award-winning songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote the song the first documentary of Justin Bieber, “Never Say Never” (2011), commented on the current phase of the career of Canadian singer, defending the same and even revealed that like to work with Justin again.

Award-winning songwriter Diane Warren met Justin Bieber during a simpler time in the troubled life of Canadian pop star, when his eyes were clouded only by the bangs and screaming fans – and did not the police – the waiting with great anticipation every arrival at the airport.

Warren wrote the ballad “Born to Be Somebody” , Bieber included in his platinum album, “Never Say Never: The Remixes,” released in February 2011.

The movie/concert itself in 3D was a success is a charming relic of a more innocent time in the career of singer from Stratford, Ontario. Including its key moments of conflict with his voice that was allegedly impaired, preventing getting ready for a historic performance at Madison Square Garden – and Warren remembers it all with love.

Still, she can not believe that movie came out just three years ago.

“The guy changed much, wow.’s Almost as if all these (things) that are going to be with him on Twitter at this time, right?” Warren commented admired in a recent phone interview.

“He’s a good kid, but he’s a kid who is doing some stupid things” , she added. “When we were younger, we did so many (things) stupid, but we had a million people watching us. Some of the (stuff) out of the law that you have done, ‘Come on, stop doing it.’ It’s really stupid. ”

“I would work with him again, I think … He is talented. Did he really is. (And) I’ve been a troubled girl. Reformatory I’ve been in a few times, got kicked out of some schools. I was not perfect. I was prey … After a certain age, you sort of have to grow up with it. “

Have you ever wanted to live in the spotlight?

Warren : No. I really love my show. Look, I can go anywhere and people will say, “I love your music,” or someone will know my name, and that’s cool. But to live in this aquarium that Justin Bieber (or others) live? Literally, they can not go anywhere. Everyone is watching. It must be a very strange life. Honestly, I would not trade what I do for this, for no amount of money. They can stay in the spotlight.

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