Videos: Justin Bieber Detained Lax Airport, Smiling After Interrogation


With a smile on his face, Justin Bieber left the airport LAX in Los Angeles. After more than 12 hours of travel from Tokyo to the U.S., Canadian singer 20 years had to submit to an interrogation of more than 2 hours because of litigations that responds in the country.

The detail is that Bieber was already aware that each time he leave and return to the country, will go through this procedure, since it is on the list of U.S. homeland security, and law commands to customs officials to interrogate residents country, every time they return to the U.S. to show up again or not able to be accepted and put into U.S. territory..

The output of Justin was a riot, and surrounded by his bodyguards, the singer did his best to leave the scene and finally can rest hours of travel, but not dismissed the smile on his face. As to why, explained Justin minutes later in his account on the microblogging site Twitter, “Life is Good Always stay positive.” . few fans and many paparazzi recorded the moment dozens photos and videos that you can check out below:

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