‘Give The Kid A Break’, Kelly Osbourne Defends Justin Bieber

Kelly Osbourne

During an interview at HuffPost Live, actress and TV personality, Kelly Osbourne, best known for being the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, was asked about the comparisons to singers Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, on account of behavior of both generating several controversial headlines.

In the opinion of Kelly, despite being the focus of attention in several controversies, Justin and Miley are completely different people and the co-host of “Fashion Police” made ​​an emotional speech in defense of the two stars of pop music this week, and said how it feels particularly about the singer ‘Boyfriend’ , Justin and thinks people should “take a break the boy.

It’s not fair, every teenager deserves to make a mistake, act wrongly and learn from it,” said Kelly to the HuffPost Live this week. “And how can they learn from their mistakes, there is always someone there to fix it for them and no one is really trying to help them?

So, in this situation, when it comes to Justin Bieber, I think is very unfair,” she explained. “I think people need to give him time. If you do something wrong, you should pay for it, but give the kid a break. “

Kelly then began to talk about his friendship with Miley Cyrus and the behavior of the singer who often ends up in the media.

“As for Miley, you can not compare them as if they were equal, they are two completely different people,” she added. “I’m proud of her, because if you agree or disagree with what she did, she does not care and she is not artificial. “

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