‘I Am A Belieber’ Game Of Thrones Actress Explains Justin Bieber Comparisons With Joffrey

Sophie Turner Game Of Thrones Justin Bieber

A few days ago, Sophie Turner star of the series Game of Thrones, made ​​a comment that was controversial and not well pleased fans of Justin Bieber. The actress 18 years commented that Justin was the Joffrey Baratheon of our time.

Comparisons Sophie did with Justin spoiled and cruel character of the series left a mark on the actress meant. Aware of the negative reviews that her observation has generated, Sophie explained everything during an interview where the subject is clear and actress also revealed that it is a Belieber and find Justin very talented:

She is also learning that everything she says can turn against her. As an example, say that the wicked king Joffrey Baratheon little man is the Justin Bieber of our time. “It made ​​me scared – I said before people realized that Joffrey was really bad” , she says.

“I was not saying that Justin Bieber was a psychopath Listen -., and I do not care what they think -. I’ma Belieber He is very talented. The two are similar because both Joffrey and Justin are surrounded by people who tell them what they want to hear and never say no to them. So it ends up causing problems. “

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