Selena Gomez Is Subpoenaed To Testify About Justin Bieber In The Event Of Aggression Against Paparazzo

justin bieber selena gomez paparazzi fight

The singer and actress, Selena Gomez was subpoenaed to testify about Justin Bieber and his “private conversations” about his conflicts with paparazzi. The subpoena came from another court case that Justin faces in Los Angeles, on charges of assault on paparazzo Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran.

The singer and actress received a subpoena to testify in the case of the paparazzo who claims that Bieber kicked in the stomach during an argument in May 2012, that Gomez was present.

Now the legal team of photographer Gomez called for a testimonial to talk about the incident.

According to TMZ, lawyers also want to question her about the “private conversation” he had with Bieber, which may have included discussion of his run-ins with the paparazzi.

Earlier this month, the video deposition Bieber on another dispute with a paparazzo who resides in Miami surfaced showing his irritation with questions about Gomez.

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