‘Do Not Ask Me If I Smoke,’ Justin Bieber Poses On With Cigarette In Mouth

justin bieber james dean smoking cigarettes
Justin Bieber updated his account in the app Instagram with a photo in which appears with a cigarette in his mouth. The singer of 20 years has generated not only a huge uproar among its more than 14 million followers with the publication, but also new media speculation on the social networks which again questioned the rebellious side of Bieber. 

The star explained that the photo was inspired by American actor James Dean , who made ​​a huge success in the 50s and is considered an icon of rebellion at the time, and he want to not be asked about cigarette use, as he do not smoke. Check the photo and its caption thereof by clicking the thumbnail below:

justin bieber smoking cigarettes
“It is inspired by James Dean. Do not ask me if I smoke because I do not smoke”

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