Video: Demi Lovato Is Asked About Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Dating Resume


During an interview last week at Channel 955, singer Demi Lovato was asked what she thought of the possibility of Justin Bieber and singer and actress Selena Gomez dating resume. Although not officially confirmed that resumed dating, Selena and Justin were seen at various times in Texas, in early Demi refused to respond on the matter and evaded the question submitted by fans. Check out the video below, from the time “5:10”:

Interviewer: What do you think of Selena, you know, having been in and out of rehab, and returned with Justin Bieber, even though he was out of control and …

Demi Lovato : Actually I will not talk about any of this …

Interviewer: All right.

Demi Lovato : I. .. I’m actually here to talk about my tour.

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