‘He Inspired Me’ Fan Loses 55kg Motivated By Admiration And Desire To Impress Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Fan Loses 55kg 1

Bryanna Debinder is a psychology student 20 years that aims to draw attention to his idol, singer Justin Bieber. The girl won the U.S. forces in the love he felt for the Canadian singer to make a diet and change her quality of life. Bryanna claims to be in love with Justin and through weight loss or “demonstrate their love for the singer.

The new diet slimming began in 2009, when she was in one of the concerts of Justin Bieber. Since then, she managed to lose 55kg. “I was jealous of the girls who were thin and approached him at the shows” , Bryanna said.

Justin Bieber was the main motivation for Bryanna stay with just over 50 kgs. She lost 55 kgs in total, to call the attention of the Canadian.

Whenever they called a girl on stage had to be pretty and thin. I just thought, ‘I should be there.’ Everyone deserves an opportunity to draw the attention of the person you love, and I’m your biggest fan. I just wanna be the girl for whom he sings ” said to Daily Mail.

The obsession of psychology student at Penn State University by Bieber, began when she saw him on MTV in 2009.

As with the then superstar haircut sang to his platinum single, ‘One Time‘, Bryanna approached and began an obsession that would change his life.

Soon the room was filled with her memories of Justin Bieber, including posters, dolls, stickers and even a shower curtain Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Fan Loses 55kg 6She bought their fragrances, Someday and The Key so she could smell like your idol likes at all times.

And she keep updated on all of their shows and appearances.

Bryanna spent hours sending messages to him on Twitter, and felt a pang of jealousy when he responded to tweets from other girls.

“He hurt my feelings“, Bryanna, who never had a boyfriend. said “But I understood. After all, he has over 50 million followers, and gets thousands of tweets per day. All those girls who receive messages from it are beautiful. He would never notice me.

Bryanna had struggled with his weight since he was nine years old when she suffered bullying at school because of her weight.

Unable to stop eating fatty foods like pizza, cookies and ice cream, Bryanna has seen his weight skyrocket to 19-stone, while in high school.

She suffered cruel harassment about their weight, including a family member who said she was obese.

Justin Bieber Fan Loses 55kg 3But after meeting Justin quickly for a radio contest, Bryanna knew he had to change his story.

He’s my boyfriend dream” , she said. “It’s so beautiful.”

I had it all planned in my head. I’d tell him: ‘Thank you. I’ll always be there for you and I love you ‘”

But there were many people there, and I never got to talk to him directly. He did not even notice me. After that, I watched their shows and wished I could be the girl he bequeaths to the stage. And I finally have a chance to talk to him. ”

So Bryanna cut all the bad food from your diet, and instead filled the fridge with fruits and vegetables.

She also watched some videos on YouTube and did abdominal exercises at home.

In just 12 months, she lost 55kg impressive and decreased in seven sizes dress for a size UK8.

Justin Bieber Fan Loses 55kg 2Now, instead of hiding in size XL in jackets and jeans, Bryanna loves to show her beauty wearing dresses.

And she says she owes her life to young Bieber.

I just want him to know that he inspired me to lose all this weight” , Bryanna said.

He was always there for me, and the lyrics of his songs mean a lot to me.”

Actually, I’m planning to put some of the lyrics of Be Alright tattooed on my back. I would like to see their shows and wished I could be the girl that he takes the stage ” said Bryanna

He is the biggest star in the world, but it really made me feel like I was part of his life. I just wanted him to send me a Tweet in response, but it has not happened yet.”

Justin Bieber Fan Loses 55kg 4And Justin Bieber also has the full support of Bryanna when it comes to his recent legal issues.

The Canadian heartthrob was arrested in January 2014 on suspicion of driving influence, and later that month was accused of assaulting a limo driver in December 2013.

Some people just like to judge others’ attitudes” , Bryanna said.

Justin is a good person, and I and all his Beliebers know that. Everybody needs a break. He’s just misunderstood.”

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