‘He Was Not A Father Present,’ Todd Chrysler, Sends Advice To The Father, Mother And Grandparents Of Justin Bieber

justin bieber with grandparents

The star of the American TV show,Todd Chrisley, is known to be a strict father and advises viewers how to be good parents to their children. With so many celebrities talking about the behavior and role of the family of Justin Bieber at this stage of the singer’s life 20 years, Todd, who is ‘expert’ on the subject, could not fail to send some advice for Justin’s father, Jeremy Bieber, grandparents, Bruce and Diane Dale and Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette, and it was what he did in an interview, Check out:

“I do not know if I would give advice to his father, because his father was not present during its creation, so I guess you reap what you sow. So, from what I know, and I do not know much about it, beyond what I read about his family, I do not think the father was present. So the only thing he has is his bond with his mother and grandparents, so I think at this point they really should be together as a family unit and have a meeting and should put the boy in the center and say: “Look here. This is where you are now. I do not care if you can see this, because if you could see where you are now, you would not be here. So I’ll help him to get that vision he need to achieve, and we’ll get him out of the pit, and we will take him back to where he need to be. “But I do not think he’ll ever get to observe their child So … where is the boundary between a son and his salary? ”

Chrysler, Julie, wife to Todd, said that there is a line between being a parent and being a friend. “I do not wanna be your friend, I do not want to be friends with your friends” , she said.

“And you should not dress like your friends. You do not need to do that., And let me tell you something … When I saw her ass, I was cleaning it. I do not need to see it now that you’ve grown ” Todd said.

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