‘They Do Everything To Destroy’ Attorney Roy Black And His Wife Lea Defend Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber attorney Roy Black

Lea Black, wife of Roy Black, a lawyer who has been representing Justin Bieber in Miami, in the case of the arrest of 23 January and also to charges of assaulting a paparazzo in June 2013, Justin commented on in an interview with FOX News and also Roy advocated and commented on the media harassment with successful celebrities who engage in polemics.

My husband has represented a large number of controversial people over the years, many people falsely accused over the years” , Lea said in the Fox411 Tokya Sushi Lounge & Nightclub in Manhattan on Wednesday. “I always think he supports the side to do the right thing, people, and I think he will do the best he can do under the circumstances, and I think the customer deserves the best we can give my husband because he is a great kid.

Lea told that she was going to work on Jan. 23, when the news broke that her husband would be representative Bieber after the singer would have been arrested.

I was on a normal working day and I heard about this in my office,” she recalled. “For me, it is representative of so many people over the years that it was kind of another day in court and another day at work.”

Roy Black , also said in a statement to reporters about the ‘drama’ played by Justin, who has many very young legal problems, but also an audience hoping to see him fall. Check out Roy’s statement about his client:

“We love when people begin to be successful. But once they are actually very successful, we do almost everything we can to destroy their lives. And if Justin Bieber is just one of many. He has absolutely no privacy. He is harassed by paparazzi or photographers – whatever you want to call them -. Every step “

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