Justin Bieber Tops The List As The Most Overexposed Celebrity 2014

justin bieber most overexposed

What Justin Bieber really does not turn news? The star is currently the leading name in headlines, rumors and controversy in the media, than with a microscope analyzes and comments every step of the singer of 20 years. Because of this, Justin led a survey by Forbes magazine, which ranked the most overexposed celebrities, and the throne of the spotlight got Bieber.

There is no doubt that Justin Bieber is still a power. He ranks ninth on forbes most recent Celebrity 100 list with around $58 million in profits in the 12 months to June last year. It is the second most popular celebrity on Twitter with 50 million followers, and his song “Baby” is a single with diamond certificate, which means it has sold over 10 million copies.

But last year, Bieber’s reputation was shaken by his unruly behavior, including a bizarre appearance with a gas mask, several accusations of spitting on people, drug use and assaulting paparazzi. His last look negative is courtesy of a video released a statement in a process in which Bieber is accused of asking his bodyguard to attack a paparazzo. Bieber was disrespectful and arrogant – was not exactly healthy pop star that millions of girls fell in love on YouTube.

Maybe that’s why Bieber is at the top of our annual Forbes list/E-Score of the most overexposed celebrities. For service with celebrities, the E-Score and E-Poll Research rated over 6,600 names highlighted based on 46 attributes, through public opinion research. 67% percent of respondents rated as the most overexposed Bieber.

Bieber is an unusual addition to a list that is usually led by reality stars.

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