Justin Bieber Makes New Tattoo On The Right Arm “Girl With a Balloon”

justin bieber right arm tattoo

A photo of Justin Bieber doing a new tattoo on his right arm was released. Check out the photo where the star appears being tattooed on his stay in Canada. The singer updated his account Shots Of Me application with a photo revealing the drawing, a girl pointing to the top and the photo caption said the star , “Do not let your dreams float away ” . Check the photo:

justin bieber tattooA tattoo is a reference to the famous drawing in the British stencil graffiti artist Banky , called “Girl With a Balloon”. The design gained worldwide fame and is graffitied on various walls around the world, besides illustrating several books, magazines and inspire many with their visionary poets quotes about dreams. Check out the complete and original drawing below:justin bieber- tattoo drawing

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