Justin Bieber Among Music’s Top Money Makers 2014

justin bieber top money maker

Although 2013 was a difficult year for Justin Bieber, the problems do not affect his bank account. The site of Billboard magazine published a list of 40 highest paid musicians who earned more last year and even without releasing a new album, Justin holds the #11 position, grossing over $18 million dollars.

One of the world’s richest teens was also among 2013’s busiest — taking his 220-date, $15 million-earning Believe Tour around the world. Bieber’s earnings on the recorded side pale in comparison, with digital track royalties and streaming royalties bringing in nearly $1 million each. That’s in part because Bieber, 20, didn’t release a new album in 2013, opting instead for the nontraditional rollout of a series of “Journals” tracks, all of which charted. A Twitter-declared “retirement” signals an uncertain future for the pop star, who’s increasingly leaning toward an R&B sound.

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