‘You Inspire Millions Of People,’ Ryan Butler In Support Message To Justin Bieber

justin bieber ryan butler

Ryan Butler, best friends with Justin Bieber , accompanying then-Canadian star since childhood and when fame was still just a distant dream, but much sought by Justin. Ryan knows Justin and decided to rule and defend his friend in front of so many controversies, rumors and media pressures. The text is sent to Justin Ryan not only to send a positive message to the singer, but also to his fans:

“@Justinbieber you already know this, but I’ll always be by your side as your brother defending you and supporting the man I know you are. You are a great person with a lot of talent and wisdom to help me in my career and in my life. You inspire millions [of people]. I’m sick of hearing people say shit and accuse you unjustly; That hurts. I just wanted all his beliebers also saw this message. Love you. “