LAPD Faces Impasse In The Case Of Justin Bieber ‘Egg Attack’

LAPD Faces Impasse In The Case Of Justin Bieber 'Egg Attack'

A few months have passed but many questions still circulate on the case of “egg attack” the neighbor of Justin Bieber. Months ago, police officers went to the singer’s former mansion in Calabasas, California to get the images from the video cameras circuit and seize evidence in the case. The Police Department of Los Angeles did not disclose more details about the case but the “site TMZ ” did a story saying that the Department is in a deadlock over the indictment of Justin.

The LA County District Attorney wants to make sure that Justin Bieber will be treated as Joe Schmoe when accuse him of throwing eggs at the home of his neighbor … and that’s why the case was not filed.

Police sources involved in the case told TMZ … prosecutors are still considering two factors in the decision to charge Bieber with a misdemeanor or a felony. Firstly, the DA is digging deep on the exact amount of damage that eggs cost the owner.

As we first reported … the owner estimates presented to the Sheriff’s Department County of Los Angeles putting the total at around $ 20billion.

The DA is also looking at similar cases, cases that they and other law enforcement agencies have sued to determine whether a misdemeanor or a felony is the most appropriate. They do not want it to look like a “justice for celebrity” . The complicating factor – they have accused Lil Za with felony vandalism for breaking a phone from prison in the amount of $400.

TMZ say the amount of damage is not the only factor. The greatness of the act is also a big factor.

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