Fabian Forte Talks About Media Pressure With Justin Bieber

justin bieber fabian forte talk about media pressure

After a period of controversy and problems with the law, Justin Bieber became frequent subject in interviews of famous and they all want to give some advice to the star. In a recent interview, the singer Fabian Forte talked about the media pressure on Justin.
Interviewer: Well, there are some similarities today – is an open field with the internet and all that stuff. I was going to ask you – do you have any awareness of teen idols of today? The world of Justin Bieber?

Fabian: Well, I love Bruno Mars and I love Adele. I do not know if you can consider it a teen person. You know, but I love this song. You know, Miley [Cyrus] is, you know, I do not know where he is coming from.

Interviewer: Yeah, me neither [Laughter]

Fabian: It is … I mean, I do not understand. It’s a shame. And Bieber, he’s a guy of 19 years old, and paparazzi – we did not have paparazzi. If I were caught doing some of the things I did [laughs] would be bad too.

Interviewer: Yes, I really would ask you, with Justin Bieber doing these things, I’m thinking, ‘I bet you ran the streets when they were children, too.’

Fabian: Oh, my God! You know, only God knows the fun we had. But there were no cameras around to catch us. The only thing that we – that I had in particular – was, it sounds corny, but if I had made ​​a serious mistake, my father would knock me out. [Laughter]

Interviewer: And I think the father of Justin Bieber is having fun with it. [Laughter]

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