Justin Bieber’s Twitter Hacked In An Attempt To Spread A Virus

jusin bieber twitter hacked

The coveted account Justin Bieber on Twitter microblog was hacked with the aim of spreading a virus. The malicious tweets induce wanted fans of the Canadian superstar 20 years to click on a link provided for alleged ‘Justin’ and so spread the corrupted file. Fortunately the situation was resolved minutes later and gives you details of the incident in the matter.

For those unaware, “cemberut” is an Indonesian word that means “grumpy” .

Bieber’s team responded to the hacking, worried about the level of security breach and the potential spread of the virus through the links.

The pop star tweeted and then deleted the message, “This link above. not click it.’s a virus.’m deleting it now. Spread the word. thank you.”

justin-bieber-twitter-hacked-snapThen, Bieber wrote: “It’s alright now We fixed that..

During the chaos, both JustinBieberCemberut” and “#JustinsPasswordIsProbably” became worldwide trends on Twitter.

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