Justin Bieber Did Not Legally Change His Race To “African-American”

Justin Bieber change race

Some time ago, Justin Bieber is changing his style to something that many associated the style of african-American rappers, also known as niggas, still relying on the fact that most of his friends are black and live in the middle of rap music.

Taking advantage of these facts, fake news has been circulating the internet, saying that Justin would have changed his race for “african-american”. Obviously, that never happened and it was just a joke of a site satires.

Justin Bieber does not want to legally change his race for “african-american”, but a report posted on a fake news site says otherwise. The false report, published in the Daily Cream BMP, includes a fake quote from Bieber: “I was tired of all the comments about ‘I’m acting like black’ Now I’m not acting like black because legally I’m black..

Justin Bieber, who has a net worth of $160 million is now legally the richest lowest African-American 21 years and plans to join the board United Black College Fund to become one of the largest donors to education of men and african-american women “, says the fake article.

Cream BMP has a notice on its website, saying that they publish “skits”.

CreamBmp.com and is Super scripted by comedian Cream. This site consists of satires and parodies of current news and urban culture. For entertainment purposes only ” the site says.

But Facebook and Twitter, a number of users believed the story and shared it thousands of times.

Another person, who apparently believed the story, added on the social media site: “Just because you can buy the title does not change the fact that you’re still a white boy trying to be black.

But some said the story was obviously a satire.

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  • are you kidding me

    um…. regardless of whether or not justin bieber changed his race, it’s inappropriate to refer to /anyone/ as a “n*gga” in a news article

  • dphanatic

    “also known as niggas” — Really? REALLY? SMH