Video: Justin Bieber And Selena Accompanying Dance Studio In Texas


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez continued together performing various activities the city of McAllen, Texas, after a long time without being seen together.

Justin and Selena were photographed and filmed during their passage through the Action Dance Studio . The commitment was Selena, who was rehearsing for the shows held at Texas but Justin made ​​sure to follow and honor his “princess” while working. Before leaving the dance studio, Justin and Selena autographed mirror site.

The Celebuzz spoke with the owner of Action Dance Studio, which states that the couple was very polite, cooperative, and seemed really is together again. Yair Cruz told the CB, the couple arrived at the studio for a trial and that “were very nice and cooperative.

He added that the former couple seems to be together again, and they needed a space to rehearse choreography. “They were dancing together and played,” he said.

And just because it’s Jelena, the owner gave them free time for a two hour session in the studio. “I was honored that they’re in the studio,” he said.

Check out the  video of the time the couple arrived and left the place and also the autograph of both, which became the sensation: