‘It Was A Joke’ Creator Petition For Deportation Of Justin Bieber U.S.

justin-bieber petition creator

The arrest of Justin Bieber on 23 January, had major repercussions around the world, generating some extreme situations, such as creating a petition on the official White House website, which makes the application of the deportation of the singer’s U.S. territory.

The same was created by Roger Skrzynski , who was in transit when he learned of the incident. In an interview with MLive.com, Skrzynski said “I was just listening to the radio on the problems of Bieber I thought. ‘How much fun would be the first application and get a response from the White House?‘” Though it started as a joke to distract the young, the petition reached more than 100,000 signatures needed to house Brancar need to expose a public position on the matter.

Also in the interview, Roger said he received no response from the White House (which has 30 days to do so), or Team Bieber, also adding that he met with the singer would give an advice. “I would say to look for help. Of course he needs. And he needs to understand what is influencing negatively the young people that follow it.

“I created this petition as a joke, but I’m really disappointed with the current pop culture. The media speaks of people like Justin Bieber without considering the consequences or what is likely to be influenced by that. Look kids growing up and being stimulated by pop culture. You’ll see a big difference in how they behave, compared to the other , ” he added.

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