Recruiters Pose As Justin Bieber To Deceive Young Fans Of The Star On The Internet

    Recruiters Pose As Justin Bieber To Deceive Young Fans

    Because of its popularity with the audience of children and youth, Justin Bieber is a constant target for traffickers of minors on the Internet. Most pretends to be the star for a more intimate contact with the girls and then they even ask them to take her clothes in front of a camera on their computer. Perverts are passing by pop idol Justin Bieber to have contacts and depraved abusing girls online.

    The followers, “Beliebers” are being deceived thinking they are “talking” to the pop brat. But the reality is that pedophiles are lurking behind the false in an attempt to catch shrewdly innocent profiles.

    The young volunteer Mary McLoughlin, warned that perverts go to extremes to abuse young people from the comfort of their armchairs.

    She said: “We were told that a [recruiters] pretend to be Justin Bieber and the girls are “talking” with them online and actually believing they are getting the attention of Justin Bieber. Are you talking about predators who will do anything. The girls are being prepared, in some cases encouraged, to take the clothes online.”

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      People misuse jb popularity.

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