Tahan Lew Reveals How She Met Justin Bieber And Refusing Invitation To Go To The Concert Of Singer

justin bieber tahan lew

Former competitor of Big Brother AustraliaTahan Lew commented on the controversy generated by his quick contact with singer Justin Bieber last year.Tahan clarified again that Justin was not late for one of his shows because he was talking to her and how to approach the singer emerged.

She was forced to deny rumors of a romance with Justin Bieber after it was revealed in a photo Facetimed last year. A former contestant of Big Brother Australia made ​​headlines in December when she was appointed as the pivot that Justin did get 70 minutes late for the show in Melbourne.

“I talked to him earlier in the day before the show” , she told the NT News at the time.“I do not know why he was late.”

The statement came after a seemingly Justin ask a mutual friend to put them in touch.

“I’m a friend of his official DJ Tay (James), I met him in New York last year,” she said.  “Tay said,” Oh yeah Justin wants to talk to you “ .

Then she said that Justin called her on the video service from Apple. “I do not know why he wanted to talk to me, I think Tay only talked to him about me and he wanted to say hi , “she said.

Justin reportedly invited her to go to her show, but she refused because she was ‘tired’.  “We literally talked for a minute,” she said. It is no surprise that the brunette beauty has drawn the attention of the star. At the sitting of sexy photos, Tahan shows her feminine curves with a high-waisted bikini and strapless top. In another photo, she wears a little blue bikini.

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