Videos: Justin Bieber Testifies On Charges Of Assaulting Paparazzo In Miami

justin bieber assaulting paparazzo

Justin Bieber gave a statement regarding the charges against him in the case of the paparazzo Jeffrey Binion. The singer was involved in confusion with Binion in June 2013 and the Canadian superstar photographer accused of being the mastermind of the attacks and threats he received from his bodyguards as he took photos of Bieber in season.

The testimony of Justin was scheduled to take place in a Miami court, but after an agreement with all parties involved to prevent the arrival of the star for his ouster was a spectacle covered by mass media that was waiting in front of the organ , the venue was changed last minute.

Last June, the photographer Jeffrey Binion filed a complaint Bieber after which he says, was assaulted by a bodyguard under orders from the singer. Binion claims he was assaulted while taking photos of Bieber outside the recording studio in the Hit Factory in North Miami Beach.

The action of Binion says that Bieber “ordered that [Hugo] Hesny and three other bodyguards attacked [Binion] and forcibly take the memory card of [his] camera.”

Hesny allegedly “threw [Binion] against a wall, began to choke him, and threatened [him] with a gun …”

Binion said he had his camera’s memory card taken from him too. Similarly, Binion asks just over 15 thousand dollars for physical and moral damages.

Bieber, 20, was summoned to attend a deposition at 10:00 am in the office Universal Court Reporting’s ( Universal Court Reporting ) in front of the Palace of Justice in Miami, West Flagler, where hundreds of journalists were waiting to register his arrival, but last minute, the singer and his lawyers were able to convince lawyers to conduct Binion’s testimony in the office of Roy Black, criminal lawyer in Miami Justin. The testimony will be recorded on video.

Bieber should have testified in January in Santa Monica, California, but could not do so because he was arrested in Miami after Miami Beach police charged him with DUI and cracks.

Justin left the place that was surrounded by paparazzi and fans who just discovered the new location of the singer last minute. Check out the video of Justin leaving the building:

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