‘They Are Leaving The Good Side Of Justin Bieber In Silence, Defends Singer Jesse Aaron Hart

justin bieber jesse aaron hart

The American singer and rapper,  Jesse Aaron Hart, answered some questions about the harassment of the media to Justin Bieber and also commented on his music, including the preferred newest musical project of the star, the Journals .

In addition, the singer posted a snippet from your favorite song and one of the biggest hits of the Canadian,  As Long As You Love Me . Check out the video and the statements of Jesse:

Do you have a favorite song from Justin? If yes, what?  
Jesse:  Yes My favorite song is  “As Long As You Love Me” . And have you ever heard a song from his latest album [Journals]?   Jesse: Yes I really like Heartbreaker and All That Matters, the clip of this song is fantastic. What do you think about harassment from the media? You think it’s normal for him to occupy an important position in the music industry?  Jesse:
I think the media is exaggerating a bit, they do not stop to criticize (as always), and are letting the good side of Justin silent. If not for fan clubs, artists, all of them would be without the need to believe in themselves and move on support. Without my fans, I would not be doing what I love, singing, and would not be inspired by amazing people who believe in me. I think the position that Justin has in the music industry today is very important and has great weight. Therefore, the media treats him that way, with criticisms and judgments, and thus to gain more media attention of the general public.

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