‘Justin Bieber Is One Of The Most Talented Artists Out There” Jonathan Martin After Joke

justin bieber jonathan hill

Justin Bieber has been frequent subject on Twitter celebrity after his problems with law and the great exposure of these issues in the media worldwide. The American football player Jonathan Hill went to his account on the microblogging to comment distasteful about Justin and ended up having to explain later.

Put this in: “Marijuana meets the kettle” … because the alleged victim of bullying Jonathan Martin was internet last night to make CYBER-BULLY with Justin Bieber … telling the pop star that he is embarrassing.

Suddenly, Martin went on Twitter and wrote: “Never be ashamed of who you are … unless you’re Justin Bieber.

Obviously an attempt to joke … But it’s not a big move coming from a guy who was talking to a class about the effects of bullying earlier in the day.

Also, do not forget … Martin left the Miami Dolphins claiming that several players were picking on him for no reason.

Martin followed up his tweet with an attempted explanation … Saying: “Do not get me wrong … Bieber is one of the most talented artists out there … It just takes some questionable decisions.

He is not alone.

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