Justin Bieber Photos In Miami Jail Are Disclosed

justin bieber miami jail

Police in Miami Beach released new photos of Justin Bieber in prison shortly after he was arrested.Bieber was taken into custody on Jan. 23 after police said he was driving under the influence in Miami Beach.

Exclusive photos released on Tuesday (04), were taken inside the police department in Miami Beach.The photos showing Bieber closely and reveal the amount of tattoos all over the body of the singer.Check out these and more photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

Lawyers for CBS4 News , the Miami Herald and several other media outlets, have defended the release of additional videos of Bieber in jail as part of the research process, in case the videos are now public record, and therefore open to be viewed in its entirety. Bieber’s lawyers disagree and Tuesday (04), a judge in Miami will decide whether the scenes hitherto retained, showing the singer in states ‘nudity’ and urinating for lab tests, will be released to the press.

“I do not believe that these pictures are of great public interest, would never be if they were not arguing about them,” said Bieber’s lawyer, Roy Black in court on February 27.

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