‘Even Justin Bieber Has The Right To Privacy,’ Thank Lawyer Judge’s Decision

'Even Justin Bieber Has The Right To Privacy,' Thank Lawyer Judge's Decision

Be a star and have the level of fame he has, can make some people forget at times of an important fact: Justin Bieber is a human being and as such, has a right to privacy when his image is in danger of being promoted as a spectacle, often costing his dignity, but a judge in Miami ruled that right to ensure Canadian singer 20 years.

After the judge’s decision to Miami, William Altfield in favor of privacy of Justin Bieber, the singer’s lawyer, Roy Black , thanked the court for sensitivity to devote so much time analyzing the question. The videos of Bieber in jail will be released, but the judge decided Altfield as a preventive measure for the dignity of even the nudity and that may embarrass the singer should be edited.

Although the media have made it clear that they would not publish the compromising scenes, it was a measure to prevent future leaks of unedited images on the internet, so the press already receive the edited videos. Check out more reviews of Judge Altfield and thanks to Bieber’s lawyer:

“The Court considers that there is a right to privacy with regard to exposure and dissemination of the genitalia of the defendant” , a Miami judge, William Altfield said in a written decision.

In a final court hearing Altfield said that despite the public’s right to have full disclosure of the images, “Bieber did not lose their right to dignity.”

He said that although people in police custody have fewer privacy rights, they “are not like animals in a zoo to be filmed and photographed for the delight of the public or the media.”

The judge noted that what was at stake was the public’s access to evidence for lawsuits, and not the rights of the media to freedom of expression under the U.S. Constitution.

“We want to send our thanks to the Court by spending so much time analyzing this issue … And find that even Mr. Bieber has the right to privacy,” said the singer’s Miami lawyer, Roy Black .

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