President Of The Buckhead Neighborhood Says That Justin Bieber Would Receive ‘With Open Arms’ In Atlanta

justin bieber sam massell

Sam Massell is the former mayor of Atlanta and current president of the Buckhead Coalition, one organized residents created to manage the economy and the interests of the wealthy suburb of Atlanta, Buckhead , which was speculated as a place of great interest from Justin Bieber to buy a new mansion.

On his Twitter, Justin said never even looked the mansion, denying rumors that it would buy a mansion in Buckhead, but it was the media spotlight last week, after suspected ‘locals’ neighborhood protested the change to astro location. After it was clarified that the protests were just a great catch of a local radio station, but the president of the Buckhead Coalition criticized the attitude of the radio deceived by major media outlets around the world and in a statement, made ​​it clear that Justin would receive in Buckhead, “open arms” . 

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“We’ve been bombarded with questions from the media about my identification as group president ‘Neighborhood’ and the suggestion that we would be against the return of Justin Bieber who has lived here for Atlanta. This is absolutely false. To start, my daughter Melanie Massell, who is a professional singer would disown me if I baseness a young man who became an international artist. Moreover, many years ago I met opposition with the purchase of my home in Buckhead, at the time I was an elected official the city, so I am particularly aware of the unfair way that this behavior can happen. Regardless of my current position, I like to believe that we can relate to the behavior of normal teenagers, and I know many who have gotten into the mess past, citizens are successful now. clearly I answered reporters that our laws protect the right of all to buy (whatever you are selling) including residential properties. In addition, there are laws that protect the right of petition and protection for or against these issues. 

All we ask is that all satisfy the provisions governing such law, to ensure peace and tranquility for our fellowmen. With all that said, we are now declaring by Jennifer Brett of Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which was “all a joke radio, staged by [WNNX-ROCK 100.5 FM] The Regular Guys. Ms. Brett contacted us on behalf the UK, Canada, media and CNN staff, People Magazine and others, when the radio WNNX showed its irresponsibility. 

If I have the opportunity to greet Justin Bieber, will be with open arms – and now let’s all get back to work. “

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