The 20 Biggest Hits Of Justin Bieber On The Billboard Hot 100

justin bieber billboard

At 20, Justin Bieber can celebrate many accomplishments in his career that few artists have achieved such a young age. One of the highlights of the star is its constant presence in the charts of Billboard charts with several singles over 6 years of career.

The site of the famous music magazine listed the 20 biggest hits Justin in the  Billboard Hot 100 , important list used as the basis of radios worldwide as a way to celebrate his 20 years:

He came out of teenage life when he celebrated his 20th birthday on Saturday, March 1. In less than five years since its discovery as a talent on YouTube, the pop star has amassed an impressive collection of hits in the Hot 100 as a solo artist and in collaborations: Since its singles One Less Lonely Girl in 2009, for collaborations last year with Maejor Ali and Juicy J (and his melancholic singles “Journals“), Bieber has experienced a variety of styles as a teenager, which impacted the Hot 100 charts.

To celebrate his 20th anniversary, Billboard countdown entered into with the 20 biggest hits of Justin Bieber on Billboard to date.

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