Justin Bieber Is The Cover Of The Rolling Stone Magazine That Talks About His Controversies

Justin Bieber Cover Rolling Stone

Justin Bieber is the new cover of Rolling Stone – but the story about the singer is far from flattering. In a preview of the full article, the magazine says that investigates the attack eggs, bashes, the splits, the resisting arrest and fall-flash of a pop icon.”

. According to the report, people put much of the blame on Bieber’s dad, Jeremy “Your father is not a good influence,” a source tells Rolling Stone. “They are hardly the kind father and son – is more like two best friends. “

According to the magazine, following the arrest of the star in Miami last month, three figures of authority – Bieber’s mentor, Usher, Pattie Mallette his mother and his manager, Scooter Braun – flew to Panama to meet with the singer.

The situation is not described by the source as an intervention, but as a “conversation, to remind you of the people who care about him and consider the things you do about it.”

After the trip in Panama, Bieber and his father “took off on a trip even further out of control,” says the source for Rolling Stone, including his alleged getaway full of controversies to New York to the Super Bowl.

The magazine cites the police incident report, which states that Bieber was “verbally abusive to a flight attendant” , forcing her to hide in the cockpit with the pilots, which was allegedly to “avoid” the smoke of marijuana.

According to Rolling Stone, the stress began to take account of Bieber at the beginning of his career.

Behind the scenes in 2010, the singer had “fallen into tears” , upset with the lack of privacy.

“If you want to have the career that Michael Jackson had, you have to understand that you will never be normal again” , Braun is quoted as saying that the singer.

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