‘The Critics Hate You Just Because You Are Successful’ Boy George On Justin Bieber

justin bieber boy george

During an interview singer, songwriter and British DJ, Boy George commented on the drama of having money and fame. Using Justin Bieber as an example, George recalled the time of the peak of his career and how some people and critics often mercilessly judge the young famous as Justin. Check out the part where George Bieber quotes:

“I sold a lot of records, I kind sold 150 million copies, and I do not think I had many positive reviews.’s One of those things that when you’re really successful, the critics hate you just because you are successful.’s a bit like the issue of Justin Bieber. People say, ‘Oh yes, but he is very rich. “And no one has sympathy. kind I say,’ Poor boy. Who’s worried about him? ‘ And people are like, ‘Who cares, he has millions of dollars! What does this have to do with anything?’ When you are successful, people have no sympathy with you. Nobody wants to wipe the tears of a millionaire. “

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