Footage of Justin Bieber’s Drug Test Finally Gets Released

justin bieber miami drug test

A new video of Justin Bieber in prison was released shows that while the singer is heading to a field sobriety test at the police station in Miami.

The singer of 19 years old was stopped by police in Miami, Florida, on January 23, 2014 By doing ‘handle’. Being stopped, he was also charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with expired driver’s license. The singer did tests to see if there was alcohol in his blood and the results showed a level well below the legal limit of intoxication. The star who turns 20 on Saturday (01), was and is still a minor, in terms of alcohol consumption in Florida and was also found marijuana and Xanax in his blood. Check out the video of Justin doing the tests below:Also check out the video published by TMZ, which shows the singer doing pushups:

The video, which is just one of many of the singer that have been released, was recorded at the police station in South Florida. Over 10 hours of video footage were released by prosecutors in Miami , after the Associated Press and other news organizations requested the videos under the law Freedom of Information Act ( Act on freedom of information ). In the video, Bieber is seen wearing a black sweatshirt with hood and walking in a “straight line” The video is completely silent and the singer walks unsteadily back and leaning in an attempt to follow the line on the floor.

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Bieber seems dizzy when he walks and makes the sobriety test and in a room of the office, the police away from Justin and shakes his head before turning to see the star walk back. The officer appears to be looking at what appears to be a cell phone or device while Bieber walks back in front of the CCTV camera.

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In the video the singer is not alone in the police station, another boy is sitting in a chair. Seems Khalil Sharieff , 19, also stuck with Bieber, and he is also wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sat with his head down on top of the video and only look at Justin in the middle of the video. This video shows CCTV officials doing law enforcement, despite claims that the singer could not perform the field sobriety test, as it was necessary. Nevertheless, at the end of Bieber video is seen doing pushups on the floor of the police station.

More video footage were released, five selected excerpt that were described by lawyers as team Bieber videos “delicate” . These videos contained images showing Justin peeing in a cup for more testing. While the videos were initially retained, a judge in Miami is set to review the images and see if they can still be released. A spokesman for the Florida Judicial Circuit said Judge William Altfield will review the videos and make public its decision on March 4 at a hearing.

Earlier, police released a video of Justin Bieber showed taking off my shoes, socks, wearing the same sweatshirt with black hood and being frisked by a policeman in prison. Bieber pleaded not guilty to all three counts of resisting arrest, driving with expired driver’s license and DUI (driving under influence of alcohol or drugs).

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