Video: ‘We’re Friends’ Chantel Jeffries Speaks In Prison, Drug Use And More About Justin Bieber

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During an interview with E! News, the model Chantel Jeffries opened up about the level of relationship you have with Justin Bieber, belying rumors and declaring that she and the Canadian superstar are just friends. Moreover, Chantel also commented on reports of drug use and lack of part of the singer and his reaction to get out of prison on January 23 in Miami. The model who was with the singer shortly before her arrest in Miami and later traveled to Panama with him, Terrence Jenkins said she “has not dated” Bieber, although it seems that they were too close together on several occasions.

When asked if she and the superstar has kissed or slept in the same bed, Jeffries fired the answers below.

“We’re friends. Kisses you friends, Terrence? You sleep in the same bed as your friends?” , said.

And when asked about the rumors that Bieber drugs is out of control, and not take no for an answer, she called all allegations of “misconceptions about Justin.”

Jeffries said he met the star through mutual friends and we never saw him do drugs, but admitted: “.. I’m not around all the time In the past, I do not know what happened to him”

As for his infamous night with him in Miami, said she could not talk about the arrest for DUI and crack for “legal reasons” .

“He was very happy to be free,” Jeffries said about Bieber when he was released from prison and they went to Panama.

“I think he just wanted to go out and have some fun, probably thought that Panama would not call a place where so much attention,” she said, starting to call Bieber a “good person.”

Jeffries, who said last month that never “would sell my story” about his time with Bieber, and was not being paid for her interview with E!, laughed when she was told she was labeled a “gold digger ” .

“If there’s one thing you can not say is that I’m a gold digger” , she replied,“Because, guess what? I have my own goals. And I’m focused on them. I really do not need anyone else.”

She added: “I am the kind of strong, independent woman.”

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