Chairman Of Board Of Residents Invite Justin Bieber To Live In Atlanta

justin bieber home atlanta

Justin Bieber made ​​headlines around the world earlier this week, after suspected protests from residents of the neighborhood Buckhead in Atlanta, would protest to the star not buy a mansion on the spot, but after that everything was clarified a scenario as part of a large Trolling a local radio, we decided to talk to some real people of Buckhead and know the real opinion of them about having Bieber as a neighbor.

So, now that we have all been trolled, the question to be asked is: Buckhead is truly ready to receive Bieber ? We decided to find out … And based on what the locals told us, the answer is a resounding “yes” .

Buckhead boasts of being home to many celebrities such as Sir Elton John, Usher and Shaquille O’Neal among some of them,” Tom Tidwell, chair of the Buckhead district, said. “Justin Bieber, like many celebrities, can live anywhere he wants, and Atlanta is proud of the fact that he is considering his Buckhead home. “

And Bieber is, in fact, decide to buy his home, in the community, what kind of home will be?

Well, you’re in the south, so there are a lot of properties, traditional-style houses, the type-Southern Charm. You will have people like the CEO of Coca-Cola, which may move to another location, or maybe buy another home if you no longer want this ” , Krisztina Bell, a real estate agent who specializes in real estate marketing in Atlanta, he added. “We have many houses, so that he could opt instead to buy an apartment .. . Most celebrities here prefer luxury, loft-style condominiums, all within walking distance, supermarket, restaurant and bars.

Recalling his recent legal problems, have a bar within walking distance can be a good thing … Although, as Tidwell notes if Bieber leg feel like hitting the town, Buckhead has some of the best places in the country – and many taxis available as well.

Buckhead has some of the best restaurants in the country, all within walking distance in a taxi leaving his new home” , he said. “And in a few years when he turns 21, Bieber will be able to enjoy the nightclubs too.

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