Justin Bieber Is The Target Of A Joke Of A Company In Chicago

justin bieber joke

Justin Bieber turned special attraction of a street in the area of Chicago land , in Chicago , after a company decided to make a joke involving the singer and Classic hockey game between Canada and the United States. The billboard uses humor to say that whoever loses the game shall be with Justin, as the singer has had numerous problems in the U.S..

This silly ad is nothing new: The building of Transportation Command, a broker freight, is right on a busy road in the area of Chicagoland then the company is known for putting humorous posters to make people laugh in their rides to work. They are used to getting a bit of press for it, but not both. “I can not believe what happened”, Danny Zamost , President of Command tells EW. “We had three different presenters out there today morning. “

Zamost says two guys in the IT department of the company had the idea for the billboard and that ideas usually come from current events or topics based in Chicago. Not necessarily to advertising however:. The company is not yet included in the outdoors . “We do this to have a little humor, We know that every morning and every afternoon outside our window has traffic” , says Zamost.

The ads have their own Twitter where you can find pictures of previous outdoors, including another joke Bieber on the exterior temperature is “2 degrees below the rate of blood alcohol Bieber” . So for anyone who is rooting Zamost in hockey? “USA, baby” . The game in the U.S. vs Canada broadcasting on NBCSN , the United States lost.

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