‘Do Not Publish Lies,’ Justin Bieber Vents On Rumors Of His Stay In Atlanta

justin bieber twitter vent

Justin Bieber went to his account on the microblogging site Twitter posted a link where and commented on a fake news widely reported by the media worldwide, that Atlanta residents staged a protest for the singer did not move to a luxury condominium in Buckhead and Justin took the revelation of Trolling, taken by a local radio to vent about many false news reports about him and taken as truth by many and ask that the media, which mostly part was quick and eager to report negative subject, maintain the commitment to promote real things.

The outburst of the singer also brought clarification on the rumors that he was eyeing a mansion in Buckhead, but Justin said it never even visited the site looking at the house and said his real focus, the music and make the world a better place. “It’s sad how the media no longer believes in true facts. Publish real things, not fake stuff. Wow, I love Georgia, By the way, I never looked at that house. Disappointing, I, my team and my Beliebers are focused on music. That’s what matters. Much love to all, Birthday Week. I wish the world would learn to believe in the goodness of people and be kind to one another. Together we can change the world :)

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