Protests To Justin Bieber Live In Atlanta Was Fake And Created By Hired Actors

justin bieber protest atlanta

After spending days and tranquility away from controversial new (at least to come close to reality), Justin Bieber has his fans by leaving peaceful world, but many tabloids that can not wait to publish negative news about scandals and the Canadian superstar, this time experienced the very ‘rumor’.

News around the world fell into a great Trolling, vehicles seriously as CNN, BBC and NBC, reported an alleged protest potential neighbors Bieber in the Buckhead neighborhood after they learned of the star plans to buy a mansion on site but it was all a joke from a local radio station, the protesters were just hired actors and announcers laughed and hours after the passing of Trolling.

CNN) – It had all the elements of a compelling story, but in the end it was too good to be true.

A popular celebrity. The media chronicling his every move. And an affluent neighborhood of Atlanta on the warpath because of a possible new neighbor.

Amid rumors that pop star Justin Bieber was considering moving to Atlanta, the Regular Guys (Normal Faces), a morning show on Atlanta radio station,  Rock 100.5 , assembled a group of locals false and called attention of the world’s news organizations.

They convinced the press that the neighborhood of Buckhead Bieber did not want to part with his condo full of luxurious mansions.

 “The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition is a manifestation created by ‘Regular Guys Show’ program,” the presenter Larry Wachs admitted on Monday (24), after casting the series concluded its “protest” in front of a mansion that was sale.

One of the ‘Regular Guys’ , Tim Andrews , played the role of Harold White, becoming the fictional face of the protest, doing interviews with CNN, the BBC and a number of other media.

“The show has Theregularguys @33international media outlets, including TMZ and generated over 45,000 news” , Wachs argued in the air.

Andrews, like White, claimed to be a retired and longtime resident in his interview with CNN.

“We are concerned that he might bring the wrong type of elements in a quiet residential area,” he said at the weekend. “Our position is that a person with the means it could surely find a more suitable neighborhood to his style hectic life. “

The trick also included a false wife who opened a Facebook page to organize the protest.

She warned that “the shift from Justin Bieber to Atlanta could be nothing else, but it will be bad for our children and the community. Some will not even be able to let their children play on the sidewalk without fear. He drove vehicles at high speed and under the influence, who’s to say he will not do it again? “

After the fake protest, the Regular Guys burst into laughter on Monday.

“This is a great victory” , Wachs said about the game. “This is a great victory.”

They vagloriaram with how the media outlets were eager to tell the story, not noticing the signs of the new alert and suspicious accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

“And the great thing is, it was enough just watching to see better and it was a Trolling, and this was something creative” , Wachs said.

As the play toured the world, no one on the team Bieber commented on the rumors of the protest, which began with a report on “TMZ.” Still, the idea of ​​Bieber deciding to make the capital of Georgia their other house was too good to ignore.

There have been numerous glimpses of Bieber across the Atlanta area: the skating rinks, in a fast-food restaurant and a nightclub.

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