‘I Was Much Worse Than Him,’ Member Of The Band Hot Chelle Rae Defends Justin Bieber

justin bieber hot chelle rae

The band Hot Chelle Rae , who have already opened some shows the most recent tour of Justin BieberBelieve Tour“, commented during a radio interview with  92.3 Now about the criticism that the star has received on account of the controversial issues that are involved.

One member Ryan Follese , Justin defended and even commented on the surprise to be able to open some of the shows successful tour of the Canadian superstar. 

About to open the tour of Justin (Believe Tour):

“That’s the question we talked about it at some point, I believe that this year. We never fully know a person, the sight of this career choice changes too often. When I went to tour with Bieber I did not know what would happen and suddenly, it was like, ‘Boom, you will, for six weeks, see you later, “said Ryan Follese.

About the controversies and criticisms of Justin:

“When I was his age, I was much worse … and I was broke! But I had a great vantage point, because he [Justin] is not able to do anything in your life without a camera observed. So I think now, at your age, I have to defend, also said that much of what was in the media was not true. We can see a lot of things I have not done is disclosed. And it’s crazy because I was there and nothing happened. “

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