Rumors That Justin Bieber Would Be Spending Too Much And Failing Are False

Justin Bieber rumors

A few weeks ago several tabloids have published reports saying they had spoken to several sources close to Justin Bieber confirmed that the singer would be spending beyond what it should and would be on the verge of bankruptcy in the next two years, but the site Gossip Cop, famous for disprove rumors Similar published another article making it clear that the information was false.

“Justin Bieber is spending one million U.S. dollars per month on private jets, shopping sprees and strippers – and will soon be going bankrupt” , says The Star.

The tabloid says that financial advisors pop star “admitted that there is little money to invest.”

“The financial situation of Justin is getting terrible,” one “friend” account at The Star .”His pre-teen fans are getting older and the popularity of Justin is falling. But he is spending more than ever. If he fails a stop to your flow of spending he will is poor for around 22 years.”

According to the magazine, Bieber could “spent a fortune of $160 million dollars.”

Of course this story is basically a retread of a false rumor from last month’s New York Post – Gossip Cop that belied.

The Star , which has a great history with Bieber attacked again here.

A source close to the singer tells Gossip Cop that the report about him going bankrupt is completely false.

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