Top 10 Countries Where Justin Bieber Believe Movie Had More Success

justin bieber believe movie

The new film by Justin BieberJustin Bieber’s Believe had its premiere in Italy and as a result, fans crowded movie theater and sales success led the country to occupy the # 3 in the ranking of countries they liked the scenes documentary that brings the Believe Tour and reports from friends, team members, and Justin himself in an interview as the most sincere of his entire career. Check out more details and the ranking of the 10 countries where the “Believe Movie” was more successful:

Italy is on the podium of countries that have made the film “Justin Bieber’s Believe” a success. Despite the difficult U.S. debut, the new movie Justin Bieber won wide acclaim around the world, including in Italy.

A hit among Beliebers Italians, the movie was so successful that entered the ranking of countries that rank among the most liked the new movie Justin.

Despite several controversies and problems with the law, the Beliebers have always been on the side of the star and show support to him through social networks, sending an avalanche of positive messages.

To all who contributed to the amazing success that will please all fans of Justin Bieber and the singer himself: The film “Believe” won total sum of $502,469,000 in Italy, and it allowed Italy climb the rankings of countries they liked the movie and win the bronze medal.

The movie was on show in Italy for only two days and had a total fund that outperformed many other countries. The Italian Beliebers showed once again that we want to support Justin Bieber, though.

Italy is in third place on the podium, behind the United States and Canada. Check out a Top 10 ranking and with total sales of “Justin Bieber’s Believe” worldwide:

1 – U.S. and Canada ($ 6,206,566 dollars);

2 – United Kingdom ($ 527.591)

3 – Italy ($ 502,469)

4 – Argentina ($ 436.302)

5 – Sweden (393.055 USD)

6 – Norway ($ 365.027)

7 – Mexico ($ 359.596)

8 – Germany ($ 320.488)

9 – Finland ($ 219.404)

10 – Poland (205.720 USD)

“Justin Bieber’s Believe” debuts Feb. 28 in Brazil and is dependent on the support of Brazilian fans, the country will be among the highlights of sales success

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